Greetings, our esteemed students,

It’s my pleasure to welcome you to Benin University Institute. I congratulate to our newly admitted students. Now you are members of the University community.

Throughout the history of about 20 years of existence of University, the University has played a predominant role in development of people of Africa and Benin Republic.
I would like to communicate the objectives of the University once again which founder has already told in his communication. These are:

  • Provide students with higher quality education and training in line with employment opportunities to promote a harmonious and effective integration of graduates into modern society in Benin, Africa, and the world.
  • Offer further training or postgraduate training to develop people working in companies, public services, and non-governmental organizations.

I would like to tell you that the University is committed to provide global education and training to our student entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs in start-up creation and development of entrepreneurial mindset. University has developed unique curriculum, which is very practical, handy and useful for anyone who want to start their own enterprise.

As you all know that unemployment is a big challenge in the country, communities, and societies, it’s important that our youth should come forward with their innovative thinking skills and ideas and build new enterprises so that instead of job seekers they can become job creators.

Africa has huge potential in every field and potential in youth is huge. If youth are ready to work under proper guidance and with their mind and thoughts wide open then they can play significant role in meeting the targets set by United Nations for a new and different world by 2030.

We are imparting specialised programs in Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs or global goals) so that our youth and their vision is aligned with the goals of United Nations which will not only be fruitful for them in terms of creation of their livelihood but also, they will be able to create sustainable impact on societies and communities at large.

All our teachers, administrative staff look forward to supporting you each and every day as you grow to become global citizens and create your own enterprises and impact lives of millions of people around you.

I wish you all a fruitful and productive year of academic training in the University.

God bless you all.

Dr. Takon Samuel Ojong
Director of English Campus
University Institute of Benin.’